J. Lohr Wines

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J. Lohr (Paso Robles)

As one of the bigger names in the wine industry, these family-owned vineyards stretch all the way to Monterey/Napa Valley and host labels such as Painter Bridge, Cypress Vineyards, and the non-alcoholic Ariel brand.

In its 40 years of winemaking, Jerry Lohr’s legacy continues with varietals from its specific regions, a signature Cabernet Sauvignon, the Cuvee collection, its Estates and Gesture series. Although the reasonably-priced J. Lohr wines are available in many fine dining restaurants and grocery stores throughout California, visiting the estate in its Paso Robles vineyards is a whole new experience and the wine tasting is free. Located just 6 miles east of downtown Paso Robles, J.

Lohr’s tasting room is open 10am-5pm daily. For more information, visit www.jlohr.com or call 805-239-8900.