Saucelito Canyon Vineyard

The 3 acres of the Saucelito Canyon Zinfandel wines come in very distinct, authentic flavors.

Originally planted in 1880 in the rough terroir of Arroyo Grande, these 137-year-old vines produce key varietals including tempranillo, a Bordeaux-style blend, and a famed California Zinfandel that are completely native to the dry-farmed area. Ran by the Greenough Family, the vintners use artisan methods and sustainability practices to keep the soils rich in natural vitamins and minerals. For instance, the family uses compost and cover-cropping to protect the vines and also brings in a flock of sheep each spring for weed control as opposed to using herbicides. Open Sun-Mon from 1am-5pm, a tasting fee is $12 for 5 wines.

For more information, visit or call 805-543-2111.